Dave Scott has been around as a serious cook and a Food Blogger since 2009. Slowly, cooking skills improved and a growing list of tried and tested recipes grew. The best recipes can be found on the "52 Ways to Cook" Blog.

Today, as a caterer and neighborhood cook, We believe in giving you our best. Because of this, we pride ourselves on using fresh, local ingredients every day. We like to think of our food as Really Good Dinner Party Cuisine. You know, the kind your Grandma would have served (if she were Italian).

And now we are starting a new phase in our cooking hobby.  Changing a hobby into an opportunity to serve Small Batch Catering (specializing in lunches and breakfasts for 20-50 folks).  And to offer an opportunity for neighbors to enjoy a night in... Friday Casseroles (You should try my Scratch Lasagna!)... A Casserole, Side Dish (or fresh made loaf of Garlic Bread).

So Thanks for looking.  Hope we come up with ideas or food you are interested in serving to your friends and colleagues.

And please drop me a note of you have any thoughts or questions... Dave@52WaystoCook.com 

About Us

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* Whenever Possible
We buy all of our ingredients locally.
Or Better yet,
​Fresh from our Organic Garden*