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Relax and leave the cooking to us!

Simple breakfast meetings turn into catered affairs with simple trays of Scones, Quiches or
we'll serve up a full themed meal (New Orleans Brunch anyone???)

And business lunches have become a specialty with a variety of sandwiches (including our specialty Farmer's Market Chicken Salad) and easy to snack handy
"Grab and Snack" Appetizer/Sides, rounded out with somethin' sweet!

And if you have a special event that you want a personal menu whipped up... We're your caterers!

Mexican Night, Italian Meals (Lasagna a specialty)
New Orleans Cajun
​or the BEST Wine/Cheese Board you have ever seen.

Click HERE for ideas and prices or CONTACT us for a custom quote on your needs and ideas

And of course there are rules...

Primarily the menu changes each week.


Click HERE to see the page devoted to HUMP DAY CASSEROLES for this week's prices, menu and the rules

I am the neighborhood cook !!!

Every Week I'll announce a FULL MEAL (4 Dishes) for 8 people
Main Course (Like a Scratch Lasagna),

Side Dish (Oh, Maybe Garlic Bread)

A Specialty Salad ​(Orange -
Spinach - Blue Cheese - Walnuts)

And of Course a Dessert!!!
​Who Doesn't want a big plate of Crunchy Super Moist Toffee Blondies)

I have a Recipe Blog !!!

Updated daily with something new from my kitchen.

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Recipe Ideas 
​Fresh Made ​Small Batch Catering 
​AND Hump Day Casseroles